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  • G128: Royals at Red Sox, 7 PM - Royals - Red Sox - Ian Kennedy / Steven Wright Pedroia, 2B Bogaerts, SS Ortiz, DH Betts, RF Ramirez, 1B Leon, C Bradley, CF Shaw, 3B Holt, LF Steven W...
    10 hours ago
  • Red Sox 6, Tampa Bay 2: Holy Buckets! First Place! Tue, 23 Aug 2016 22:11:04 +0000 For the first time in a while, the Sox have reclaimed first place in the AL East–even if they are currently sharing it with Toronto, who did not play last night. This leaves the Oreos 2 games behind the two ballclubs. And where are the Skanks, you ask? SEVEN game behind…. ha ha ha ha… The Sox have 4 against the really sucky horrible Rays this week, (although they have been much better as of late–figures) which can be a GREAT opportunity to gain some ground–Let’s hope they take advantage of it… David Price pitched like the Ace he is supposed to be, throwing 8 scoreless innings, giving up only 2 hits in the contest. Throwing 116 pitches, for strikes, he struck out 8 and walked 2. It was Matt Barnes who gave up the 2 runs in the 9 inning, although he did strike out 2… And what about that play! Andrew Benintendi, who is not only hitting the cover off the ball, with a triple slash of .306/.353/.468, with a homer, 10 RBI’s in 19 games, made one of those “holy crap, did that really happen???” kind of plays in the 8th inning when he almost went ass over teakettle on the outfield wall and came up with the ball, then immediately threw the ball in. This is one of those you need to see to believe… Looks like Stephen Wright will be back this weekend in time for the KC series, with Eduardo Rodriguez hopefully not far behind. The Sox need their reliable starters back, because Henry Owens is not an answer, and with the bullpen the way it has been (and I cannot believe I am saying this), they need Buchholz as a reliever… Although I am concerned with how long it’s taking Rodriguez to come back. I think more of this is about him brain than his hamstring…I just hope this is not going to be a thing… So there are 38 games left in the 2016 campaign, and the Sox are on pace to win 91-92 games. Will that be enough to get them to the dance? I think it’s going to be a 3-way catfight between them, Toronto and Baltimore until the bitter end, which could leave one of them out. Although Seattle, Detroit and Houston are all within striking distance, if someone falters. They need to keep winning more than they are losing, and the bullpen needs to get their crap together and start doing their jobs. Koji will have his first bullpen session this week, but even if he does comes back from his pectoral strain, he’s 41 years old, and has an ERA for 2016 nearly 2 runs higher (4.50) than his career number (2.59), so will he be able to help? Coming up: Game 2 of the 4 against the dreadful Rays (17.5 GB), with That Clay Person getting another start as Stephen Wright continues to rehab (grrrrrr). He has been pretty effective his last 2 outings and he has had success against this team–let’s hope he can be useful once again. He is opposed by Chris Archer, who is even worse than he is (7-16). Ironically, he is considered Tampa Bay’s Ace. Oh Boy. 1st pitch 7:10pm…. ]]> 0 -
    2 days ago
  • Red Sox vs. Mariners lineups: Andrew Benintendi waits for tomorrow - Andrew Benintendi is in Seattle, but out of the lineup Tuesday night. Andrew Benintendi's debut will wait one more day as Bryce Brentz starts in left fi...
    3 weeks ago
  • DH not coming to the NL any time soon: Why Major League Baseball made the right call - Major League Baseball will keep the DH in the American League only, and that's a good thing.
    7 months ago
  • The last night of the Patriots dynasty - …may not have happened yet. Had the Patriots lost last night at the scene of the XLII crime, it could be said to have ended that previous night they played...
    1 year ago
  • The Seven Year Itch - The End of SawxBlog - Cheers to all who've been with me, both new and old - been an excelent journey. (SawxBlog Photo) "If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on w...
    4 years ago
  • Thoughts on the Managerial Search - A few weeks ago I scoffed at the idea that Bobby Valentine was a serious candidate for the managerial role in Boston. Fast forward to today, and it seems a...
    4 years ago
  • NFL Week 1: Keep Your Pants On - Ah, week 1 of the NFL season is always a wonderful time of year. Sure it's still 100+ degrees in Texas and our houses are, literally, catching fire, but so...
    4 years ago